About Positions

​As a director serving on the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) board, you will be either elected to an Executive Director position or appointed to a Division Director position. Executive director positions have financial signing authority. Division director positions may have financial signing authority for their “division” only. By serving on the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club’s board, you will work within an organizational structure found in Board Organization chart.

When the president’s term expires and the incumbent chooses to retire rather than continue with the presidency for another term, that person is automatically appointed as the Past President and will be responsible to coach and mentor the new President. If you are a member with no formal position in the club, or director on the board, you are invited to step forward and run for the presidency when the incumbent retires.

Other Positions fulfil specific tasks for the club. They are typically appointed as required. For example a law enforcement liaison is required to work with agencies and provide a confidential contact and rental bookings of the tactical range.