About Discipline and Termination

We want you, our members and guests, to a have positive and safe experience at SAFGC. No matter the outdoor recreational activity you pursue, Safety, Safety, Safety is the most important.

If you are concerned about someone’s unsafe shooting behaviour and wilful disregard of rules, a breach of policy or bylaw, please report it to the President, the VP – Firearm Ranges or any of the directors on the executive.

If you report an incident it will be investigated. If the incident is serious to warrant a formal investigation, then a Board of Investigation made up of three members from the Board of Directors will be convened. The Board of Investigation has the authority to investigate the alleged incident, to interview the member in question, summon and ask questions of witnesses, review rules, policy and bylaws if required, and issue an Order (judgement) to the person in question. The Order may include, but is not limited to, a fine, disciplinary action, suspension of the member, termination with cause of membership and recommendations to change rules, policy and bylaws.

If the Board of Investigation’s Order is appealed, then an Appeal Board made up of three different members from the Board of Directors will be convened. The Appeal Board will not “re-try” the case. The Appeal Board may overturn the Order based on new information not originally available; they may order another “investigation” because due process was not followed; or they may uphold the original Order.

Section 2.17 – 2.21 of the SAFGC Bylaws explain the disciplinary, termination and appeal processes.