Please report any incidents to the VP – Firearms Ranges at or the President at Alternatively, you may phone the VP – Firearms Ranges or the President listed under the Board of Directors.

When reporting an incident please provide date, time and location along with a description of what happened, and any names of other members who witnessed the event.

SAFETY FIRST is paramount. The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) has operated for many years with very few incidents due to the safety consciousness of members. Implementing the mandatory range safety orientation in 2018 had helped build a common understanding of the safety rules between you and your fellow club members.

The directors of your club are personally liable for safety at the SAFGC. The legal framework that Canadian shooting clubs operate under allows both the law and the insurance industry to assign blame and limit liability should an incident happen. The range safety signage and the mandatory orientation are ways the club protects you and its directors from being sued.

Please review the disciplinary process here.