Law Enforcement

The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) is proud to provide a facility where local, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies can train. During 2018 the SAFGC completed building a tactical range specifically dedicated to law enforcement agency training. Approved by the Chief Firearms Office (CFO) of British Columbia, this tactical range is located to the east of the long rifle range and comprises a 100-metre carbine range and a 35-metre pistol range.

Law enforcement agencies rent the tactical range through a club coordinator. This law enforcement coordinator works with the VP – Firearm Ranges to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts between club sponsored events and competitions and a law enforcement reservation for the tactical range. The coordinator provides a confidential booking service and single point of contact.

Law enforcement agency personnel have priority on the tactical range. If the “Training in Progress” sign is up at the entrance to the tactical range, please do not disturb their training nor drive down into the range. The club has a Licence Agreement with each of the agencies that train at our club; this agreement assures each agency confidential use of the tactical range.

During busy times, if the long rifle and handgun ranges are busy you may use the tactical range to shoot on. If you are on the range and law enforcement agency personnel show up to use the tactical range and you are asked to leave please leave.