Thinking Of Becoming A Member?

We’d love to have you! Memberships are available at all meetings. For your convenience, we accept online membership applications and payment for both new and returning members. Check the options below to register online.

Membership Application and Renewal Information

Online new applications and member renewals collect the same information as if you had filled out a hand-written application. This new process allows the club to capture member information and accept payment online, to verify that the applicant has completed a range safety orientation, and to rebate volunteer hours against the new year membership dues.

The information the club collects from your online application is a legal requirement. The Chief Firearms Office requires we collect the PAL Number of all restricted firearms owners (RPAL). We take managing the privacy of your personal information seriously; Policy 12: Privacy of Member Information outlines how the club protects your personal information.

Joining our Club automatically makes you a member of the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF) and entitles you to coverage under their Group Insurance Plan. Please carry your BCWF Membership Card with you as you enjoy your outdoor activities and pursuits.

Insurance and Liability

Clubs like ours face increasing insurance and legal requirements. Insurance companies always move to limit their risk and avoid paying out on claims, so we ask that all members follow the bylaws and club rules when using our range. When an injury or incident results from our rules and bylaws not being followed, the insurer can void the club’s and members’ liability coverage.

We must remind all members with guests to manually sign-in and sign-out of the log book on each range. Guests must also complete a guest visitor card to receive their liability coverage.

Please carry your key FOB on your person. If two or more members come to the club together, all members should use their key FOBS at the gate to access the club in the same way each person would sign-in and sign-out using the log book at each shooting range.

The Club respectfully requests that you DO NOT lend your key FOB to non-members. The key FOB electronically authenticates your access to our shooting facility as a club member. The key FOB operates the gate and records your time-in and time-out access. If you lend a key FOB to a non-member, the “lending” member becomes personally liable should an accident occur involving the non-member. The insurer will move to void the club’s liability coverage and put the blame on the lending member.


Membership Application and Renewal Form

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