Memberships & Renewals run one year from the date of your payment.

We’d love to have you! For your convenience, we accept online payment and membership application whether you are a new member or returning.

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Volunteer five hours and receive a $50. refund when you renew the next year.  Click here for more information.

Member Information

BC’s Bill 4: Firearms Violence Prevention Act makes collecting a PAL number mandatory. We collect all information once when you apply or renew your membership.

In addition to the federal shooting regulations, BC’s Bill 4 compels every shooting facility to verify the identity and PAL Number for every person shooting before they shoot.

Rather than physically verify this information each time before you shoot, our electronic gate and your key Fob verify your membership and record your entry and exit.

Member Insurance and Liability

All members must complete a mandatory range safety orientation. This orientation is a requirement of federal firearms regulations and policy provisions outlined in our commercial general liability insurance contract.

Please follow all club bylaws and rules when you use our shooting range. When injury or incident result from and infraction of our rules and bylaws, the insurer has legitimate grounds to deny a claim. The consequence of such an action leaves you open to a personal lawsuit.

DO NOT LEND your key Fob to non-members. Time records are logged against your Fob and if an accident occurs involving a non-member, the insurer has grounds to deny any claim put forward. The “lending” member and the “borrower” become personally liable.

Guest Insurance and Liability

We welcome guests. Please ensure that your guest fills out a Guest Sign-In card and that you record your name and membership number. No Guest Sign-In card means there is no insurance coverage for your guest. In the event of an accident the guest and member may become personally liable.

Maximum Number of Guests

The maximum number of guests allowed is two (2) per member at any one time.

When the guests are children, they must be supervised and within arms reach of you while they are shooting.

Fee Information

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If you have any membership questions, contact Carol Creasy 250-833-3544 or