Provincial fish and game clubs belong to the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF). The BCWF include outdoor associations and organizations such fish and game, shooting, horse, and off-road and snowmobile member clubs.

Joining the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) automatically confers a membership in BCWF for you. When you join or renew your membership in SAFGC, our club uses a portion of your membership dues to: 1) pay the fees for you to join the BCWF; and 2) pay a premium for your insurance coverage. If you are interested in how your membership fees are used, please click here.

The BCWF represent member clubs, hunters and people who fish in this province. Your membership in BCWF support and fund a variety of habitat reclamation, fish and wildlife conservation projects throughout the province. The Wildlife Federation developed the CORE Program to promote ethical fishing and hunting here in British Columbia. All hunters must complete the “CORE” course before you can buy your hunting licence and hunt.

Please Note: Are you a member of another outdoor club or association?

If you belong to another fish and game club, off-road, quad or snowmobile association, a horse association you may already be a member of BCWF by virtue of your membership in these other organizations. There is no sense in paying double or more for your membership in BCWF or for the insurance coverage that comes with it. Please provide the SAFGC’s VP – Membership membership@safgc.ca with your membership number in the other club, the date you renewed or joined that other organization.