About the Organization

The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club’s (SAFGC) Board Organization diagram depicts the structure of our Board. Job description information may be found on the Positions web page for this website.

Under the British Columbia Societies Act, all board positions are defined as directors. All board positions serve for two years and are either elected or appointed at the annual general meeting.

Within SAFGC’s board Executive director positions are elected at an annual general meeting (AGM). The executive directors are: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, Membership and Firearm Ranges. To ensure leadership continuity and knowledge, the expiry dates for one half of the elected executive positions are staggered by one year to avoid a total turn over.

Division director positions are appointed at an AGM. Members from each division may elect or appoint their director and present their name for confirmation at the annual general meeting.

For more information about board positions please refer to Part 4 – Directors and Part 6 – Board Positions of the club’s Bylaws.