Volunteers dedicated to fishing, hunting and the shooting sports built the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC). Tens of thousands of volunteer hours went into creating the club that we use today. The history of the club is one of volunteerism, fund raising and making a difference here in Salmon Arm and the Shuswap.

The work you do for the club if you volunteer can take many forms. From participating on the Board of Directors to organizing banquets, rendezvous’ and archery championships, to participating in the spring clean-up, helping with fun shoots and competitions, to helping with club projects we need your help.

Please review this webpage for the volunteer activities that you could help with. The Board would appreciate your help.

Volunteer and Receive a $50 cheque when you renew :
If you volunteer 5 hours or more during the year, the club will pay you $50 when you renew next year’s membership. The 5 hours may be accumulated over the year, or be volunteered at one time or on one club project or activity.

Please make sure that you report your volunteer hours to the event, competition or project organizer. The Executive Director – Membership tracks your volunteer hours and when you renew your membership you automatically receive a cheque for $50.

Please consider volunteering. About 5% of the club membership consistently volunteers to help with the club. We are at a turning point where many volunteers are aging and not able to volunteer like they used to. The more help we get the easier it is on every volunteer and the better it is for the membership.