Hunting Regulations

The British Columbia Government produces a downloadable Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis every two years. Please familiarize yourself with these regulations.

The province is split into regions and management units. Each region, each management unit may differ in regulation, may limit the species of animals you can harvest, and may limit off-road access or prohibit the use off-road vehicles within a management unit. Regulations change, so it is very important that every year you hunt that you take the time to review any changes that apply to the region and management unit you plan to hunt.

General hunting regulations apply to all regions and management units. The regulations outline an antler point system that applies to harvesting ungulates. Ungulate categories for moose, caribou and deer species use different point systems that must be met before you can harvest the animal. Before you shoot make sure your animal meets the criteria for antler point system allowable for that species. If you are not sure don’t shoot!

Remember, ethical hunting is responsible hunting. Take only what you need and use what you take. Respect for the animal is demonstrated by how you treat the animal when you harvest it. Keep the meat clean, keep it cool and keep it out of the rain. Don’t boast about your success by placing antlers on the hood of your vehicle; don’t boast by uploading video or photos to social media that may be considered shocking. Think before you post; gruesome images may not sit well with public and the “anti” crowd.

Some animals such as bison and moose are large animals. They produce lots of dressed meat. Consider splitting the meat you harvest between two families.