A “handgun is a short barrelled firearm that can be held and used with one hand.” Handguns are restricted firearms in Canada and require that you to have a Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence (RPAL). Canadian licencing requirements also compel you to belong to a shooting club in order to own a pistol or revolver.

Antique handguns started out in a variety of forms ranging from matchlock, wheel lock, flintlock and percussion muzzleloaders, to vintage black powder revolvers such Colt Patterson and Single Action Arm 1873 Colts. Advances in gunpowder and metallurgy occurred during the 19th and 20th centuries lead to the creation of modern day revolvers such as the Smith and Wesson and Colt Python. Along side the modern day revolvers, semi-automatic military pistols such as the vintage Mauser Broomhandle, Luger Parabellum and Browning Hi Power were developed. Today many of us shoot competitively with the Sig Sauer, CZ (Česká Zbrojovka), Beretta, Glock, Walther, Ruger and Smith and Wesson semi-autos to name just a few.

The Handgun Range is dedicated to the memory of Elton Anderson, a long time member of the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club who helped build the clubhouse and the handgun shooting bays. Members use a 30 metre and 47 metre handgun range that contain metal gongs, shooting trees and wooden targets. Only handgun calibres and 22 long rifle rimfire in rifle form are permitted on handgun range(s).”

Range Director – ranges@safgc.ca or 604-250-1728