Shotgun and Trap

Shotguns propel shot or pellets and were originally used for hunting water foul and upland game birds. In a modern day setting, the practice of shooting at airborne targets known as clay pigeons created the shotgun trap and skeet disciplines. The Shotgun and Trap Division was one of the first divisions created within the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC).

Trap shooting involves shooting at clay pigeons launched from a single “house” or trap house. Skeet shooting involves using a shotgun to shoot at clay targets launched from two trap houses in a somewhat sideways path, each clay pigeon intersecting from opposite sides in front of the shooter.

The Shotgun and Trap Division shoots Thursday nights starting at 7:00 pm during the summer and Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm during the winter. A rustic shelter and woodstove provide shelter from the weather and heat for the winter.

There are two regulation trap fields with a total of four trap houses that launch clay pigeons for our shooters. Patt trap machines launch clay pigeons and trap house #1 features a wobble trap. A portable sit-down atlas trap machine is also available for member use; please be careful as this spring loaded machine can injure your arm if it gets in the way.

This range is always considered “live” or “hot.” You cannot move from your shooting station until your firearm is proved safe, the chamber opened and then emptied. Then and only then can you move to the next shooting position. Only shotguns shooting 7 ½ to 15 size shot are permitted on this range. Obey the commands of the person who is designated the shotgun range officer.

“The Duck Tower is up the hill from the clubhouse by the Archery Range. That trap house is used for shooting skeet.” You must contact the Shotgun and Trap coordinator to access this building.