Request CFO Proof of Membership Letter

Under the Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations all firearms owners with a restricted or prohibited designation on a firearms licence must belong to a firearms club.

All firearms licences are issued for 5 years. It takes time for the Chief Firearms Office to process applications, so we recommend that you complete your renewal applications early. Don’t let your licence expire while you are waiting for your renewal application to be processed. The expiration will leave you in contravention of the Canadian Firearms Act.

If you are a restricted or prohibited firearms owner renewing your licence, you must provide the BC’s Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) with “proof of membership” in a shooting club. If you have just completed the restricted firearms course you must provide this proof of membership to the CFO along with your application for a restricted licence. The CFO will not issue you a restricted possession and application licence (RPAL) until you prove you are a member of a shooting club. The letter is your proof.

To obtain a proof of membership letter from the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club please contact the VP – Membership, to request your letter or phone (250) 833-3544.

Once the club verifies that you are a “member in good standing” and that your membership dues are paid up, the proof of membership letter will be emailed to you as an attachment. Send the letter to the CFO with your application or renewal by email; alternatively print the letter and mail in your application package.