Range Safety

Once you complete the club’s mandatory range safety orientation, you will be granted access to the shooting ranges at the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC). If you are a first time member joining the club, your key FOB will be activated once you have completed the range safety orientation.  Questions about your Range Safety Orientation please contact Brenda Wale at (250) 686-4837 or safetyorientation@safgc.ca

During 2018, the Board of Directors established safety protocols and posted safety rule signage at each of the shooting ranges. New safety signage at each shooting range and the safety orientation now build a common understanding for you and your fellow members about the club’s safety expectations. Having everyone operating with the same understanding about our safety flag system, what calibre, what type of firearm, and what type of ammunition can be used on which shooting range is about safety.

SAFETY FIRST, it is paramount. Communicate with fellow shooters and please obey all range rule signage. Pay attention to all the safety rule signage posted at each shooting range. Specific firearms, calibre and ammunition restrictions apply on each shooting range.

All guests must follow range safety rules. If you bring a guest you must closely supervise them. Make sure you and the guest sign-in using the guest card. Signing in your guest provides the club the proof it needs to extend liability coverage to them. If a guest does not sign in using the guest card they don’t get insurance coverage extended to them.

To review safety at the SAFGC, please play the power point presentation for the range safety orientation. (Requires Power Point or the free PPTX Viewer)