Long Rifle

​The long rifle started out with a long smooth bore barrel loaded from the muzzle. Over the centuries, improving technology in barrels, actions, ammunition and metallurgy resulted in the modern day long rifle. Spiral grooves in the bore spin a bullet around the axis of its motion. Actions advanced from matchlock, flintlock and percussion muzzle loaders to manually operated breech loading long rifles that loaded single cartridges and then to multiple cartridges manually loaded from a magazine. Automatic and semi-automatic rifles evolved using the energy from the gas generated by firing a cartridge to automatically cycle the action and load the next shell.

The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club’s (SAFGC) Long Rifle Range is a dedicated 270 metre or 300 yard range. Modern day rifle calibres, muzzleloaders, 22 rimfire in all forms and shotguns shooting slugs, 00 and 000 are permitted on this range. Hand-guns are also permitted on the long rifle range; please ensure you follow handgun safety rules while preparing for a ceasefire and observing it.

The club’s long rifle range is approved for metal gongs and wooden targets. Moveable wood targets are provided and stationary metal gongs hanging on mud flaps are stationed at the 150, 200 and 300 yard marks. Please fire down range ensuring that your bullet will strike the end berm. No cross range shooting.

Please note that if you have some mobility issues you may use your vehicle on this range to check your targets. Members should contact the VP – Firearm Ranges to obtain a key to the gate that allows access to the Long Rifle Range.

Range Director – ranges@safgc.ca or 604-250-1728