Black Powder

Black powder is an explosive consisting of a mixture of saltpetre (potassium nitrate), sulphur and charcoal. It was used until the mid to late 1800s” when it was replaced by smokeless powder.

The Monashee Mountain Men formed the Black Powder division and they are a group dedicated men and women who are steeped in the traditions of the past. Portraying a living history, they use black powder muzzle loading firearms, tomahawks and knives, and dress in period costume when they compete at their rendezvous weekend events.

The Monashee Mountain Men partner with the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) and meet annually at our range for a three-day Rendezvous every Victoria Day long weekend. You will encounter period camps, tools and costumes. Black powder muzzle loading competitions on a wilderness trail and re-enactments from the past are a mainstay of the weekend.

Black powder cartridge and muzzleloader firearms are permitted on the shooting ranges. All range rules on the shooting range apply. Please do not smoke while shooting black powder firearms.

If you would like information about this and other Black Powder events, please contact Mike Brown at (250) 832-8188.