Archery “is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows using a bow” and is derived from the Latin word “arcus.” Archery is one of the oldest arts still practiced today, evolving around the world. It dates back thousands of years from the time of Stone Age to the modern age, from ancient Egypt and China to the Greco-Roman period, from the Middle Ages to today.

The Salmon Arm Archery Club (SAFGC) supports the archery sports locally and is a proud member of the BC Archery Association. The SAFGC Archery Club proudly sponsors the BC Provincial 3D Championships held annually at the club the following weekend after the Victoria Day.

A summer outdoor 75-metre archery range is located north of the clubhouse accessed by a road off to the right as you drive in. Scheduled shooting hours start at 7:00 am and end 9:00 pm daily.

During the winter, archery is held at indoors at SASCU Indoor Sport Complex archery range (the old Memorial Arena beside the Centenoka Mall). Shooting starts at 7:00 pm Wednesday nights. Drop-ins are welcomed.

Safety is very important in archery and found at Archery Range Rules. While crossbows are permitted, firearms are not permitted on the archery range.

For more information, contact Vern Stevens at (250) 804-6450 or Bruce Eden at (250) 517-7268 or