We are pleased to launch the new Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC) website. Many thanks to the volunteers who made it happen and to those who have volunteered to update and maintain the content.

The new website continues providing club information just as the old one did. Check out the main menu drop-down options, find the events calendar under ‘Events and News’, try out the key-word search function and notice that contact information is right there if all else fails!

What’s new is that the website now offers membership services, both registration and convenient payment options. Let me know whether it works for you.

Search safgc.ca on your internet browser and save the new website in your favourites. Pass along what you think of the new website, your suggestions for improvement, plus, of course, mistakes and stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Three years ago we started our club modernization with a new constitution and a new set of bylaws and club policies. We added a new electronic gate to improve authorized access to our club, and completed significant groundwork on our shooting ranges.

By working together, we’ve created a really good facility and a great club. Our new website reflects that hard work. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas

Email: president@safgc.ca