Many of you are hunters and harvest a variety of animals from the outdoors. We spend a large amount of money on hunting equipment, firearms, getting to and from the area we hunt. I raised my family on wild meat; some of the best meat I have eaten is sheep and elk.

Anti-hunting efforts to ban large predator hunting in this province started with the ban on grizzly hunting, a decision made on emotion not science[1]. These “socially licenced” policy decisions are extending into the management of sheep and now elk as a species that is portrayed as “trophy hunted”.

Predator cull programs are used in some areas of this province as a wildlife management tool to help increase ungulate populations of moose and caribou. The provincial government receives a lot of pressure about banning any type of hunting through social media.

The wild sheep society has started a letter writing campaign. Please go to their website  Follow the instructions and decide to participate in their campaign.

If you have any questions you may contact Ken Jyrkkanen – Region 3 Chair at   or (250) 319-7759.

Richard Wale
President – SAFGC

[1] The BC grizzly bear ban is a decision based on social licence not science. Statistics revealed less that 3% of the grizzly population was killed. Removing the bears that were destroyed through other means than hunting, the percentage is 2%. [2018]