Dear member, you’re invited to join our newly created Women’s Division at the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club (SAFGC).  This Division aims to encourage and inspire women in our club and community to try a variety of firearms and shooting sports in an open, safe and supportive environment. Your membership in SAFGC gives you free membership in the Women’s Division.

So far, a core group of women have met to discuss their ideas.  Together they have the expertise and enthusiasm to launch and manage the Women’s Division as a self-sustaining community within SAFGC, focused on women and run by women. Carol Creasy – VP of Membership, Betty-Ann Harries – Treasurer, Mikayla Stirling – Secretary, Erin Tribiger – Course Instructor and Member, and Melissa Tribiger – Course Instructor and Member form this core group.

Collectively, they are experienced in many of the shooting sports, including archery, pistol (IPSC), shotgun and 22-calibre long rifle shooting. Hunting and field dressing animals also form a part of their experience.

Join now and contact Melissa at or 250-317-6517. Help shape the Women’s Division. Whether or not they have their PAL, whether or not they are SAFGC members, feel free to invite your women friends to give shooting sports a try.

Richard Wale
President – SAFGC

PS:  Using the experience of creating this Women’s Division, our future plan is to branch out into youth programming and encourage high school students, children of our club members and youth in our community to try something new.