Since the beginning our club’s modernization four years ago, our Club affiliation with the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF) has been discussed both at the Board’s director meetings and at general meetings. Members have expressed their concerns about SAFGC’s affiliation with BCWF. Most common concerns I have heard is “what value do we get” for the money we pay BCWF? Will we have quad insurance? Will we have 3rd party liability coverage while hunting and fishing? We have discussed this topic at our May, June and July general meetings, and we will continue with a more in-depth discussion next Thursday at our September 16, 2021 general meeting.

The attached is a Special Resolution for your review.   Click THIS LINK to download the complete pdf.

It may be more convenient for you to view this resolution online, split up into its components:

Special Resolution 2022-01 – Withdraw from BCWF
Special Resolution 2022-01 – Background and Research
Special Resolution 2022-01 – Appendices

This Special Resolution will be proposed and voted on at our Annual General Meeting this October 14, 2021.

If you have any questions, please email me

Richard Wale