The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held 7:00 pm, October 14, 2021.

The following positions are up for election:

  1. Treasurer: Betty-Ann Harries
  2. Secretary: Erin Tribiger
  3. VP – At Large: Mikayla Stirling & Melissa Tribiger
  4. VP – Firearms Ranges
  5. VP – Conservation
  6. VP – Community Relations: Lorne Grigg

Please note that people identified in the positions above stand for election in those positions at our AGM. The VP – Conservation and VP – Community Relations are new positions. The Club will first vote to create these two executive positions and amend our Bylaws accordingly.

Our long-term approach is to orient and coach people in these executive positions to assume their responsibilities. Please consider putting your name forward for election to one of the positions. Partnering with another member in a position is an encouraged option. Also, all positions will be open for nominations from the floor at the AGM.

Betty-Ann Harries has agreed to continue and stand for Treasurer. Erin Tribiger has agreed to step in and to stand for Secretary. The incumbent in the Secretary position, Mikayla Stirling, along with Melissa Tribiger, have both agreed to step forward into the VP – At Large position. Lorne Grigg has stepped forward to stand for election in the Community Relations position.

Please Click [HERE] to review a short description for each of the positions.

Please email Bill Cuthill at or myself at if you are interested.


Richard Wale