November 17th, 2022, 7:00 PM
at the Range Club House
Please be advised the following will be on the agenda;


– including Finance, Range, L.E. Range, Black Powder, Membership, IPSC.
– also, Clothing Merchandise sales, Silvercore RSO, Gun Show and Banquet


1) The following executive positions be eliminated,
VP Public Relations and VP Conservation.
Moved by Neil Wuolle

2) The quorum for Executive Meetings be determined as fifty percent, or more,
of the total count of Executive and Director positions filled (occupied).
The counting of these Executive and Director positions shall be those
positions actually filled by elected or appointed persons. If an elected or
appointed position has not been filled, or has been vacated by a
resignation, it shall NOT be included in the total count of elected positions.
Moved by Neil Wuolle

Elections – the following positions will be up for elections ;

President (1 year remaining in term)
Secretary (2 year position)
VP – Conservation, (2 year) (unless motion to eliminate passes)
VP – Community Relations (1 year) (unless motion to eliminate passes)
VP – Firearms Ranges (2 year)

Elections will be conducted by long time member Don Schmok. If you would like to discuss with him putting your name forward for one of these positions you may contact him at (250) 832-3646 or at .