COVID restrictions last year were quite bothersome for the club, let alone our members and their families. SAFGC rents its land from the City of Salmon Arm. Throughout 2020, with the Mayor’s approval we continued to operate our outdoor shooting ranges; we will continue to do so during 2021 with social distancing restrictions in place.

The COVID lockdown restrictions forced the club to cancel the Annual General Meeting (AGM) last November. The existing Board of Directors will continue to operate; new appointments are Mikayla Stirling for Secretary and Dan North for Website Director.

The Directors approved the 2021 Budget last month. The budget spread sheet and highlights are on the website. Please review the documents; follow the menu path: About → Budget → select 2021 Budget or 2021 Highlights.

We are taking a prudent approach to spending given the uncertainty about a third wave of COVID and the slow vaccination schedules. You will note that we have forecast lower expenditures for 2021 compared to the actual expenditures for years 2020 and 2019: $116,000 compared to $123,000 and $160,000 respectively.

The annual Fish and Game Banquet, our main fund raiser, and the Gun Show were cancelled. We are investigating sponsoring an on-line raffle for a package of prizes (including side-by-side) to boost revenues this year. Even with a raffle(s), SAFGC’s revenues are predicted to go down by $27,000.

While not overtly stated in the Range Upgrading budget item, the club will spend approximately $6,000 to install cell boosters in the clubhouse, handgun and long rifle ranges. From a safety perspective, this booster installation makes sense.

Further, to protect the investment we have made in our electronic gate and LiftMaster system, we have budgeted a further $6,000 on a pole shed type cover for the gate area. Power already exists at the gate location for include security lighting.

The 2021 Highlights document provides information about the expenditures the Board reduced or eliminated for this year.

From mid December to date, new memberships and renewals are up over 200 from the same time last year. 108 new members completed range safety orientations in the same time period. This activity level may be a good indication of the club’s increasing membership for this 2021.

Please review the 2021 Budget and Highlights. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer questions; please contact me once you review the information on our website.


Richard Wale